BrcsCAD (MAC) V22 - performance/stability on M1 MAC

What does the stability look like in V22 on M1 MAC's? Is it better than V21. Whether the text height field is working on MTEXT? What about layer preview window in layer manager? Im thinking about upgrade to V22.


  • I think stability is basically ok.

    I do have seen some crashing when opening the first file and such things.
    But I have seen similar problems, opposed to any earlier Bricscad versions (?),
    on Windows 11 too.
    I think the problems got better with latest V22.

    On my M1 Mini, I don't think there are special Apple ARM problems.

    More the 16 GB memory limit on my M1.
    And the most annoying things are just the typical Bricacad issues with the
    Mac version, since many years, in general.
    Things like GUI and customization problems. Like most times after starting
    Bricscad the Command Line and/or Ribbon is closed again, open Palettes
    disappear after some start, still issues with text/number input where
    highlight color does not work with text color = illegible, ....
  • Having a M1 as well (16gb Mini) I can honestly say I would not trust BricsCAD at all to do any serious work with. If I need to do anything other than playing around I use a HP Z2 Xeon with an Nvidia Quadro and 32 GB of RAM. The Mac is just not ready for prime time. With that said I have not had any issues with V22 on my PC.
  • Well, for now, Apple offers up to 20 CPU cores, 64 GPU cores and 128 GB of shared RAM.
    If Bricscad can make any use of that, I think the hardware itself would be quite OK for a
    few years.

    On the other hand, Bricscad until now is neither universal Apple ARM compatible but
    needs to run in Rosetta emulation, nor has any Metal support or any Optimizations to
    make use of M1's tiled memory and such things.
    And I am not sure if Bricscad ever will support Apple ARM at all one day.
  • Yes Michael, I agree. The Mac Studio would be a very nice addition with a supported version of BricsCAD.
  • I mean, Bricscad via Rosetta on my M1 works really ok for not so crowded
    and especially Bricscad optimized projects.
    (As good and as stable as the Bricscad Mac Version runs on a Mac in general)
    And usually, for other tasks than 3D and CAD, Apple ARM has not real problems
    with having too few memory.

    So I am pretty sure it wouldn't be worse on a Studio.

    But for working on top of crappy RVT or IFC imports I often reach "yellow" memory
    pressure in activity monitor and it will lag.
    (It is no fun to work with such files on the unlimited PC either but reasonable)
    So I think even the Studio M1 Pro only, with 64 GB should do better.
    But I have no Studio and can not test nor do I see any Apple SoC Bricscad Benchmarks ....

    I just see that current Vectorworks, already native ARM and Metal (or DirectX for Windows)
    overall does much easier with such Projects. No matter if M1 or PC.
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