LAYFRZ xref layers?

When I use the LAYFRZ command to freeze a layer in an XREF, it just tries to freeze the layer the XREF is inserted on, not the actual layer of the entities in the XREF I'm trying to freeze (coming from ACAD world, this is the way it's behavior has been for a long time...)

Am I missing a system variable to change the behavior of the LAYFRZ command?


  • What if there's lots of layers within the xref? Or layers that are also outside the xref? Should LAYFRZ freeze all of them, so affecting not just the xfrefs?
  • I'm not sure I understand. The number of layers shouldn't affect anything. If there's an annotation layer within an XREF and that annotation has nothing to do with the discipline I'm working on, I'll want to freeze the layer in the XREF. In ACAD, you simply select LAYFRZ, select the object—regardless of whether or not it is in an XREF—and that layer is frozen.
  • Hi

    The LAYFRZ command has a "Settings" option, you can change the behavior of the command by changing it.
    If you set Block Selection to Entity, and select an object inside xref, the layer of this object will be frozen:

    : LAYFRZ
    Current setting: Viewports=Freeze, Block nesting level=Selection
    Select an entity on the layer to be frozen or [Settings/Undo/selection options (?)]:S
    Enter setting type for [Viewports/Block selection]:B
    Enter block selection nesting level [Block/Entity/None/Selection] :E
    Select an entity on the layer to be frozen or [Settings/Undo]:
    This layer has been frozen: Test - tmp|WALL.
    Select an entity on the layer to be frozen or [Settings/Undo]:
  • Thanks, Maxim! That worked.

    Much appreciated!
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