3D Environment Hanging Issue

I have encountered a problem in 3D, Mechanical and BIM environments. A 3D model viewed in '2D Wireframe' works fine.

But, whenever the display style is changed to 'conceptual, BIM, modelling, realistic etc.', the model space hangs until the display style is changed back to '2D Wireframe'.

Please share your experience regarding this and suggest possible solutions.
Many thanks.


  • The issue you describe can have many reasons !
    I had a similar problem with the dual graphic card in my Dell Vostro 3550 LapTop with the Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 and AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series, a rather old graphic card configuration,
    under BricsCAD-V20.1.03-1-en_US(x64) running Windows 10 Enterprise x64 1903 Build 18362.418. DirectX 12.......
    The problem was the driver for the AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series graphic card ! After updating to Windows 10 1909 build 18363.535, the reported issue was solved due to the new driver.....

    The first thing i suggest is to load the 3D DWG in Bricscad on a different computer with relative new graphic card system using the same Windows and Bricscad version.

    You can also try to update to the latest video driver on the "problem" computer.

    You could also check if setting 'CROSSHAIRDRAWMODE' system variable == 0 removes the issue ?
    The model space hanging could be related to software rendering.
    For some reason an OpenGL context cannot be created and software rendering is being used.

    Please try to compare the output of REDSDKINFO command between the moments when the issue is happening (when the model space hangs) vs when it is not happening (the display style is changed back to '2D Wireframe')

    You find attach a dwg with only 3D solids (ACIS) to test....in case the issue is related to the contents of your DWg's, this could also be an issue ...

  • You can run an update for new version.
  • Hi Ahmed
    The only real solution is a new and very powerful computer. The processor should have very good single thread performance and a graphics card with lots of ram will help. I know this is likely to be expensive but
    it's the only way to go if you want to work in a modeling or realistic environment on screen.
  • First, Bricscad's 3D Viewport is not the most effective.
    My other CAD is much faster and less resource hungry.

    Especially the geometry loading times are hefty.
    So, for more complex files, switching between 3D Display modes
    can take quite a while. Switching between 2D and 3D even more (?)

    Once loaded, the FPS aren't that great and fluid but ok.

    If 3D modes do not work at all ...
    - your hardware may be too weak/incompatible
    (onboard chips on a CPU generally aren't a good idea for CAD
    as they use slow RAM instead of VRAM)
    - your file may be so complex that it does not fit in available VRAM
    - your OS may assign the wrong (onboard) GPU to Bricscad instead
    of using the dedicated GPU because of the Energy Savin Settings
    - driver problems (always use the newest driver from the GPU
    manufacturer, not old drivers from Windows update or computer
    vendor (Dell, Lenovo, ...)
    - ....

    There is also a Bricscad Setting for several OpenGL options.
    I don't know which to use but sometimes it may be worth to switch
    through them to test if it gets better.

    My problem is more,
    if the file is so complex that it may finally work but it will take minutes
    to load/display, the dropdown will directly try to preview the display
    style on screen before you select one by clicking. Just when hovering
    your cursor over the styles .
    And it looks like Bricscad in this case does not stop to load these styles
    you are hovering until finished, load the next, and so on.
    This way I am hardly able to select my desired display style as it will freeze
    Bricscad for maaaany minutes.
    I alway try to :
    - open the display mode drop down by the arrow
    - target my desired style
    - try to bring my cursor over it as fast as I can
    - fix the cursor until Bricscad calmed down
    - klick to accept
    - in case the drop down will not close fast enough - go out with my cursor
    sidewards, to avoid hovering any other style ...
    - wait until 3D view is loaded and save to start work

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