How to get Two Rows of Toolbars...?

BricsCAD seems to have two sizes of of icons on their toolbars—painfully wee and ludicrously large. Since the icons are too big, I would like to have two rows of toolbars, but have no idea how this accomplished. Any suggestions?


  • I am no expert but I do use toolbars in preference to the Ribbon and hopefully this will help.

    There should be 3 sizes of icons - Go to Settings / Program options / Workspace / Panelset icon button size and select (0) Small buttons or (1) Large buttons or (2) Extra-large buttons and close the setting panel to save the setting

    Then go to Lower right hand corner and make sure the "LOCKUI" is de-selected as that locks the User Interface including toolbar icons.

    Then drag the toolbar panel from the little bar that looks like a row of dots (on the left side for the top row of icons and on the top for the side columns toolbars) gently down or to the side to create another row or column.
    When they are as you want them it is best to lock the user interface as that prevents the toolbars from being accidentally being moved.
  • Thanks @Mike Kramer ! That worked. Apparently, I was not "gentle" enough on my toolbar movements.
  • Glad I was able to help.
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