BricsCad V21 on MAC not Starting Completely

I was working on a drawing recently and had problems with the properties panel (first I found it faded, then I managed to mess it up and couldn't get it to dock on the right hand side again where I typically have it). After I tried docking the panel a couple times, I started seeing the spinning rainbow wheel as if the program was processing changes. This never stopped, so I eventually force quit the program and now whenever I try to restart BricsCad I get the same endless spinning rainbow wheel. I can move the properties panel around still but can't do anything else, as the program doesn't fully start. Seems like it's hung up regarding the properties panel, perhaps. I tried to restart from a standard BriscCad template and other drawings but I have the same problem each time. If I have to reinstall to fix the problem I'm wondering if there's a way to install the same version without reconfiguring settings I have altered. Thank you.


  • I submitted a support request on this, since I can't seem to get the program to work currently. Thanks for reviewing.
  • I received a response from BricsCad support regarding this (thanks, Dacian). The solution recommended was to rename the config file located under ~/Library/Preferences/.bricscad, and then restart BricsCad, which creates a new config file. This worked perfectly and my original problem (docking the properties panel) was taken care of (it was docked where I originally had it located when I restarted the program). I need to reset a few settings since I didn't save them, but that's not difficult. It's nice to work with a company that backs up its products with prompt support!
  • Hmmh, for Bricscad on Mac,
    I really had to delete/recreate my .Config at least once a year.
    Most of my service Request for Crashes, that where not be
    reproducible by Bricsys, were solved by this Config delete action.
    in Editor I often saw millions of Blanks in a row in my Mac Configs
    and such things.

    I just wonder why the hidden Config File on Mac is so much more
    sensitive to get corrupt than on Windows ?
    I can Edit and Migrate and Customize Config on Bricscad for Windows
    as much as I like for years and everything stays stable.
  • Was about to reply when I saw your third post pop up.
    Something I do for this sort of problem, is to make a copy of the good default.cui file when your system is working and keep the copy somewhere safe. If the config file gets corrupted again, you simply rename the corrupted file (eg default.bad.cui) so it is no longer found and put a copy of the good one in its place - after renaming it as default.cui of course.
    Must admit I really do appreciate the prompt support from BricsCad.
  • Thanks Mike,

    but I tried that too. I had a few "save" Configs to revert.
    But they got corrupted after some months again for years.
    Meanwhile for each new Bricscad Release on Mac,
    I deny any settings migration, and still have problems
    after a certain amount of time.

    But I do not want to rant.
    Necessity to delete the Config got less likely over the years
    and I finally see some progress in Mac Version CUI customization
    and such.

    Which I highly appreciate.

  • Thanks for your input, gentlemen. Good tips! For the most part, BricsCAD has been very stable on my mac (since I started using in 2016), with a few oddities here and there. I think this is the first time I've had something like this prevent me from using the program. I will say I often don't upgrade to the latest version, as I tend to stick with the version that works for me for a couple years, and V21 has been very good.
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