More problems with move command


I have a 3D model I wand to add some features to. It has a face that I set to a Z position of 0. The center of the shape is also at X=0 and Y = 0. The position x = 0, Y = 0, Z = 0 is in open space, the solid in that position has a floor at z = -40. I draw a circle at 0,0,0 with a radius 5. I verify that it is at Z= 0 in properties and if I look at a side view, I see the circle hovering in space at Z = 0.

Now I want to move it an angle and distance from that point, I select move, then the circle and set the base point to the center of the circle. All looks fine, I move it a distance and angle. Problem is the Z axis also changed. I've tried various UCS settings, turned DUCS off, turned Polar on.... the Z position always changes.

The only thing I notice is that in the properties panel there is a setting for normal and it's 0,0,1. Don't know if this means anything but the Z axis is always offset by 1 unit ( mm ) after the move.

What am I missing??



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