CraneBee Connection

Dear Forum,

I'm experiencing some issues connecting CraneBee with BricsCad. Has anyone been able to achieve this? Is there any source of information regarding version compatibilities?

So far I've only found this 2008 article:

Any lead is much appreciated!

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  • They only mention Autodesk on their website :

    The following CAD systems are supported by CRANEbee:

    – AutoCAD 2018-2023
    – AutoCAD Architecture, OEM 2020 -2023
  • Maria_Sager
    edited October 2022
    Dear Michael,

    Thanks for your response, what you are saying is correct, but I wonder why this option is grey (unavailable). It seems there's a way of achieveing this connection.

  • For me it looks like they unfortunately dropped support for Bricscad somehow.
    I think you should try to contact them directly.
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