Vote BricsCAD® for "BIM Software of the Year"

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Construction Computing Awards has shortlisted Bricsys® as a finalist for the "BIM Software of the Year" category for our BricsCAD® V22.

Winners are selected by a popular vote, and Bricsys enthusiasts can also vote to recognize our Product Development teams’ innovative work and solutions.

And don’t forget, we also love to hear about how we can build better for our users’ workflows. Please keep sending our teams your thoughts about the Bricsys product you use.


  • Can't this stale thread be released from 'top of the pile' and allowed to rest in peace? It doesn't look good to e.g. a new visitor to see such poor housekeeping by moderators.
  • Since voting has been closed a while now, can't this be unpinned from the discussions?
  • I think you can already (or still) vote for 2023.
    Other Software had articles on their forums too since a few weeks (or months)