3D printing

Hi everyone
Is there anyone out there using Bricscad to make models for 3d printing?


  • I've modeled these Spheroids to print. Just for fun. They roll along crazy paths.
  • I mostly use it for that purpose, last project was a bulk film loader for 400ft rolls of film.

  • I made a missing part for a Lego Technic a 25mm pin that was missing quicker than trying to get the 1 pin.
  • Are you using Resin or Filament printing. I wonder how strong/ durable the parts were.
    I've had to redesign some things for extra strength.
  • @norb1@bigpond.com

    Not sure who you directed that to, but I use PETG for a lot of prints and have no problems with strength. I have made many structural parts and they hold up well. I also print with CF-PC which is very strong and durable.
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