Top Tool bar disappearing

Using Bricsys on Fedora 36.
I have a problem that the top menu and toolbar are disappearing and I can not bring them
back, unless I reinstall the software.
Here is snapshot

Any idea?


  • > I can not bring them back, unless I reinstall the software.

    In general,
    I think Mac and Linux version of Bricscad have pretty much the same UI issues
    and after a restart of Bricscad, your GUI will very likely do no more look like
    you set it by opening certain toolboxes.
    E.g. Ribbon is closed and/or Command line collapsed, Bricscad Tools like Snaps
    or view hidden, .... again.
    But usually I can just reopen them.

    A bit more tricky is the left docked Structure Panel, it can sometimes disappear
    and i am not able to bring it back. Or Bricscad GUI stalls and does no more
    react when trying to open/close tool boxes from the Menu entries.
    In this case it will at least need a restart of Bricscad ....

    But do you really need to re-install Bricscad ?
    Restarting, rebooting, deleting/hiding "config" or settings folder do not help ?

    I am not sure if Fedora is supported.
    I think at least Open Suse and Ubuntu are.
    I use Tumbleweed and Elementary OS (basically Ubuntu) and Bricscad does seem
    to work mostly ok.
    But I do not much with it on Linux, beside testing Bricscad Shape every now and then ...

    I would file a Service Request

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