Parametric blocks. Dimensional restrictions

I've created some parametric blocks.
I Insert them on a drawing without any problem.
But when I insert that drawing into another as a xref, then the dimensional restrictions belonging to those blocks are visible.
Bricscad release is v22.
I've tried with DYNCONSTRAINTMODE variable and used DCDISPLAY to try to hide them, whitout success.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.


  • This occurs if you save the parametric block while the dimensional constraints are visible. Opening each block and simply saving the file should fix the issue.
  • Thaks, Roy. But it didn't work.
    I'll tell what I do:
    • I have a parametric block in a drawing. I did that block some time ago
    • I edit it, and delete the dimensional constraints using the parametric menu, and save the block
    • I copy the block and I paste it on a drawing, say D1.dwg
    • I use this last drawing as a xref on a second drawing D2.dwg
    • In this one is where the dimensions can be seen, but not in D1.
    • Those dimensions are not where the block is, but some distance away.
    Did I make somethig wrong?
  • Ok. I answer to myself.
    The block I was trying to define had an array inside.
    First I defined the elements with their constraints.
    In the moment of creating the array its necessary to have hiden the dimensional constraints. Otherswise, they desappear (when the array is defined) from the viewport, though they are not hiden.
    And, consequently the dimensions are visible.
  • Roy Klein Gebbinck
    edited December 2022
    Hiding the dimensional constraints is the best solution, but you can also freeze the layer they are on:
    : -LAYER
    Layer [? to list/New layer/Make new current layer/Set layer as current/Color/Linetype/LineWeight/TRansparency/MATerial/Plot/stAte/turn layer ON/turn layer OFf/Freeze/Thaw/LOck/Unlock]:f
    Layer(s) to Freeze: *ADSK_CONSTRAINTS
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