3D constraints NOT working

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I'm using V23.1.07 PRO
the 3D constraints stopped working.
When I try to run the command the objects are not recodnized any more and I'm getting this options:
"Select first subentity [WOrld/BLock/selection options (?)]:". and I must choose "Block" and then select a referance plain and the second object axis.
any idea?
Maybe I accidentally changed any variables?
What are the variables that define the 3D constraints?...


the "SELECTIONMODES" variable was "0" instead of 2.
what happened is that I used the "N(QNEW)" command to open a new file - Something I rarely do, and apparently in my default drawing this "SELECTIONMODES" variable is set to "0".
I've added the setting of this "SELECTIONMODES=2" variable to the on_doc_load.lsp file to prevent it from happning again...
I found it by exporting the V23 and the V22 (I kept it...) settings to a .CSV file And compared them using "INDEX" excel command to find those that are differant between V23 & V22.

Strangely I haven't found this solution or an article that clarifies the role of this variable in all my web searches, so I hope this helps anyone who runs into this problem in the future...

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