Can not Copy (CMD+C) after Migration

ive recently upgraded to a new Mac and transfered all my data from my old mac via migration assistant and everything is working fine but for some reason in Bricscad whenever i try to copy an element via command+C I am getting the following error and am unable to copy/paste. Any idea what i need to do to fix it?

12:26:53: Directory '/var/folders/3x' couldn't be created (error 13: Permission denied)
12:26:53: Failed to create a temporary file name (error 2: No such file or directory)


  • I would install Bricscad again over it.

    For me Migration on Mac worked overall reasonably for most
    standard Apps and Settings, but more complex Pro Apps usually
    needed reinstalling.
    (at least to make hidden things like licensing working)

    For Windows reinstalling and resetting paths was mostly needed
    for any App, even if you cloned a disk.

    which macOS.
    Did you migrate over more than one generation ?
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