Repeat numbers typed with arrow keys

Hello, I'm trying BricsCAD and I'm finding it good, but there is a behavior that i used in AutoCAD that i can't reproduce in BricsCAD.

In AutoCAD, setting the INPUTHISTORYMODE = 0 variable allowed me to scroll through the entered numbers with the arrow keys, example:

Line command;
I clicked the start point;
I typed 1000, 1750, 600, by pressing the arrow keys i could scroll through the previous values ​​without having to type them again and i confirmed them with the Enter key.

In BricsCAD there is no INPUTHISTORYMODE variable, and if i use the arrow keys it does nothing, is there any setting that allows me a similar behavior?

Thank you.


  • Not sure if I got your question right.

    But for dynamic inputs in Bricscad,
    you can switch with TAB key (or ALT+TAB ? backwards) between the inputs
    and edit values as much and often as you want.
    Only the final ENTER will finally execute them.
  • AndreaMAC
    edited April 2023
    Hi, sorry to respond so late. With the TAB key nothing happens, should i enable something?

    PS: Another example, select an object, command Move, move the mouse to the right, type 200 and confirm with Enter. I select the object again, command Move, move the mouse to the left, arrow up and confirm with Enter, the object returns to its original position.
  • Michael Mayer
    edited April 2023
    OK, not switching between input fields ....
    you want to reach your previous number inputs.
    Like in a DOS Window, where arrow keys bring and cycle
    through your previous command inputs ....

    I never heard of this function in a CAD before.
    And it looks like Bricscad does not offer this.
    At least I could not find any similar in Settings.

    Do you need that inside the command line ?
    EDIT :
    I see that arrow keys can at least cycle through latest
    commands (like in DOS)

    But if that is a feature in Autocad,
    Autocad functionality and compatibility has highest priority,
    chances are good that it could be added when you file
    a feature request for it.
  • Yes correct, exactly like DOS. Yes, in AutoCAD it's a fairly hidden option, i don't remember how i discovered that variable, but I've been using it for about a decade now and i'm sorry i don't have this function, i'll make a request to add this function.

    Thanks for the support.
  • I would also like this feature. I use it all the time. That's how I ended up here searching for it!