Will V24 finally be available in an ASi native version ?

I was looking at old posts on the Bricsys MAC forum and we have not had a hint about progress towards a native Apple Silicon / ARM V9 version since about mid October 2021.
From what I can see the other sub programs that BricsCAD might rely on - like Redshift, do seem to be available in an ASi versions so V24 could be when it finally happens.
Anyone at Bricsys able to give us a hint? Pretty Please ? ?
PS Have to post this before a Beta version of V24 is released and I can't comment :-)


  • Michael Mayer
    edited May 25
    I wouldn't bet.

    Last info from support, may be already a year ago,
    did not deny an ASi development.
    But at that time stating Bricscad still not use one of the
    Metal capable RedSDK versions did irritate a bit.
    And not only for ASi but for 3D acceleration in general.

    If I compare those two lost years with acceleration in useful
    BIM features, if ASi had some priority, we would have had an ASi
    Bricscad Version since V22 or V22.2.

    (Isn't Bricscad Hexagons only also non Windows supporting App ?)
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