Activating older version of SHAPE

I'm trying to activate an older version of "Shape" V19.213 but the activation server probably no longer exists. The new version looks the same but has all the baggage of the other programs and is more complex to navigate to "Shape". The manual activation failed too.


  • codrut
    edited June 5
    dear Axel,

    Shape is no longer a separate application/installer since V20

    if you want to automatically start BricsCAD Shape when double clicking the shortcut icon, add the /Shape parameter to its Target field:

    kind regards,
  • Hello codrut. That is a good answer for version 23 I ended up installing but my real question which may now be moot point is:
    I had an installer for version 19 which required online activation. That server seems to have disappeared. Can this version still be installed?
    - Axel
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