BIM sections and resulting blocks

I opened a project in V23.2.05 created in V21 and updated some BIM sections. However, nothing happened to the section I tried to update, instead a new resulting block was created with a new name and place.

1. Why was a new resulting block created? The link between the master file and the sheets seems to be ok and the update process started as expected.
2. Can the name of the resulting block be controlled manually?

Old result block name:
When updating the section there is a new resulting block created and the original remained not updated. The new block also have a new name (in the end of the name ...%7C0 was added).

It would ofcourse be possible to erase the old block an move the new block to the correct place instead ( I guess this is what I will be forced to do), but I also then have to recreate all the BIM tags and place them correctly again in the viewports. Because the old BIM tags also lost their connection to the master file.


  • Hi Conham,
    the association mechanisme between model and section changed in V22 . But there is a command BIMREASSOCIATE that should do the conversion, can you test it?
  • Hi Piet,
    thank you for this information. I think the association mechanism should never ever be changed so that old associations break! We have sometimes to maintain projects during long periods and go back to old files again after several years (like now). We need to be able to just open up the old project and be sure that all associations and relative links works even when a projectfolder has been moved.

    BIMREASSOCIATE command could not help this time, but good to know about it. All the tags disappeared from the viewport after update, so there was no invalid annotations for the command to fix (see below). Looks like I will have to remake all the BIM Tags and place them correct again.

    Select BIM section viewport [selection options (?)]:
    No invalid annotations were detected for the viewport.