Dialog box for input

Is there a way (using lisp I assume) to enter the component parameters into a separate dialog box instead of entering them in via the properties form.


  • Hi Ian,
    this should be possible, although creating dialog boxes in LISP is next level. I'm only a mid level LISP scripter and did it once with a lot of struggle. Best would be to start from an example script with dialogs. Once you are able to create the dialogs and populate them, it should be easy to write the properties.
    Of course this would be custom for these user defined properties. So first you would need to check what properties are available, and use these to populate the dialog box.
  • I have asked for this before and apparently, other people have as well.

    Having said that, I just had a play and after I brought a parametric block into my existing drawing using BMINSERT, I could use the Parameters Manager as a floating dialogue or docked to the side of the screen.

    If you click below Expression between the Name and the Value columns you can type a new value and the parameter alters.

    I opened 3 separate parametric blocks (in the same drawing) and was able to edit all of them separately (see attached screenshot).

    I checked in V21 and V22 and it is there as well (I obviously couldn't see this for looking previously!).

    Not sure if this is what you had in mind, or if you wanted something more contextual, whereby when you click on a parametric block a dialogue automatically opens.

  • Sorry, I attached it as an image rather than a file and is a bit difficult to see.

    File is here.

  • Thanks Piet & David for your feedback.

    I am looking towards a dedicated dialog box for input rather than the pallet. I am just not sure how to get the parametric block properties.

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    You can get at dynamic block properties pretty easy and push into a dcl. I do this for visibility states its a global program insert a dynamic block and it displays the visibility options. This is an example of a dynamic window that has multiple visibility as well as auto sizing to a selected rectang.

    The biggest hint is Lee-Mac Dynamic block properties Lisp this program has multiple functions for dealing with dynamic blocks.

    The dcl that pops uses my Library program Multi Radio Buttons.lsp this makes dcl's on the fly for use in any lisp code.

    Re your task you may need a custom dcl to replace the properties panel.