Does anybody have any advice when it comes to improving reliability/ performance when running BIMSECTIONUPDATE? I'm trying to generate sections from an imported Revit file and it just seems to keep crashing.

The machine is fairly good with 32GB ram, rtx, etc, and the dwg (after import) is about 150Mb.

I'm a CAD veteran, but a BIM newb.


  • I think the best would be to file a Support Request attaching your file.
    Either they will find the potential problem on your side, a Bricscad Bug
    or just something that could be improved.
  • Michael, you're absolutely right. You're witnessing panicking newb under client pressure. Sorry. I'm talking to support now. If there is anything relevant/ helpful to the forum I'll post it here.
  • chris_yates
    edited September 2023
    A "clean install" seemed to fix it. This involved uninstalling, removing %appdata% files, and removing a registry key. I'd like to credit support for sticking with the issue.
  • Good to know.