Unfolding a complex sheet metal loft


by unfolding a simetrical sheet metal loft the program produces an asimetrical unfolded sheet with +- degrees for bends. In reality it does not bend as it should! Based on my experience it should be symetrical.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to set up the model or change the unfolded sheet, to be accurate. ( I atached the two files).

Some simpler forms are unfolded accurately!

Thank you, for your help!



  • Unless I am mistaken the unfolding of BricsCAD's sheet metal is meant for bench presses. The lofted sheet metal of your example cannot be done on a bench press unless you redraw the model into bent flat surface sections.

    If it needs to be smooth as per your model then it needs to be produced with either a roller or a mould press to create that shape and in that case you will need other software to create the flat shape that is required for production.

    e.g. Rhino gives the following result after unrolling (unfolding) the surface of your model:

    It could be that in theory it may look right but that it may not be a developable single smooth surface for most standard software.