V24 - Project browser, where is Import Schedules?

I was on a questions session with a BIM important client, to whom I delivered V23 courses. Then a question about schedules, I went to Project Browser, Files, Add button and... no New Schedules or Import Schedules!
I haven't seen any written information about changes in this, What's New of Beta manual. BTW V24 help is outdated. So, should I use and teach New BOM and Import BOM? Is it still possible to use DXD? How to import it?
Any help would be appreciated, I owe an explanation to the client.


  • hi Joao,
    the option to create or import schedules was removed because BOM can do the same and more with a better interface. Old schedules can still be used by copying them to a subfolder of the project, drag and drop and right clock update should still work.
  • Thanks Piet. I agree that BOM is far superior, but this should have been warned at least on release notes, not discovering it infront of a client ;)
    Now I have to update my training manual.