Brcscad BIM Trying to make sense of it all. And maby a few suggestions and/or searching for solution

Hello, maybe somebody could shed some light on this Bricscad BIM situation. I know I am new to this BIM thing but so far I found this program lacking in many aspects and although I like the idea of flexibility, I find it unfortunately very limited... Admittedly there is a lot to learn but, here are things that do not make sense to me. Also, I am aware that it is quite possible that what I am saying is already possible and I don't know about it so bear with me.
1. The backbone of every building is structure so everything that is applied to the structure is secondary, it only makes sense that compositions would align themselves based on the structure and not inside or outside of the wall, since often at the beginning of the design process we don't know the complete wall composition and are often subject of change even during the construction process.
- structural elements should be aligned and the composition should not make any effect to the structure unless the structure itself changes. Maybe this could be done by setting the alignment of the composition between the structural part of the wall and the outer finish, in this case, for most situations, the bearing (structural) part of the wall could be aligned to the structural part below or above like as built situations.
- this would also allow separation of the structural part of the model for use in structural calculations and drawing of reinforcement and such things. And since the structural part of the building is built first, it is also the most important for contractors in terms of dimensions etc.
- this would also provide the ability to stretch a building or part of a building together with all the elements, subelements, and "plys" which could speed up any changes to the overall building and documentation. As far as I know, this now is not possible, If I move one wall I have to manually stretch all the plys and move all the windows etc.
2. Grid tool in itself is fine but is not very useful, there should be an option to align structure/walls to grid and by changing grid line position structure would also change, As for now there is easier to manually create grid that aligns to structure and by changing structure position we have to manually change grid and place it to correct position. Again maybe there is some function I don't know about that allows this.
3. For plies and representation there should be an option to change the hatch based on drawing scale or LOD, for example drawing details in the drawing with scale 1:50 should not be the same as in the drawing with scale 1:100 but should be changed based on predefined parameters (table of some sorts) also number of plys displayed in a drawing should change based on the same condition. Again maybe there is an option to do that already...

I know I have a lot to learn but I am trying to implement BIM in my work process and so far I am considerably faster in drawing basic 2d drawings by hand so to speak. So far it seems to me that I would need to create a new model for every LOD. To me logic dictates that from the conceptual level of design to construction you only increase LOD and not to create new model for every LOD this would reduce time spent in creating documentation which is the most time-consuming part not to mention the number of mistakes that occur in that part of the process.
As I mentioned, I am new to BIM but I did play around with Archicad a few years back, and I do use a few other programs with BIM functionality so I am not completely new to this thing. I understand the value BIM brings to the table but I think there is a lot to be done in Bricscad in this regard.
And, please do correct me and point me in the right direction if I am speaking unjustly with my comments. I will try to learn how to implement Bricsad BIM in my work and I will probably complain more :wink:, when I find out more.


  • Michael Mayer
    edited December 2023
    I totally agree that BIM CAD (for me) only makes real sense when
    finally Structure and Finishes are separated.
    (Not mixed in Compositions)

    Grid passive.
    I can live with that.

    Would be nice
    But AFAIK, Bricscad's answer is : Typed Plans

    (Typed Plans editing too abstract for me)
  • Thank you Michael,
    1. I am OK with mixed in composition I am having problems with alignment. How many times I tried it either the structure is changed or moved, and none of it should ever happen.
    2. grids are not deal breaker for me but it would be nice...
    3. I will definitely look into typed plans at least on the surface it looks like what I want. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • 1.
    OK you were only about aligning.
    Yes, other, older, BIM CADs offer more control when changing compositions.
    In Bricscad I need to do a lot of math or graphical movement in such situations.
    And an option to bind structural Axes of objects to Grids would be great.

    I was more about redundant Composition doublets for e.g. the same 25 cm concrete
    Wall, just because it may appear as an outer Wall with an insulation package outside,
    or as a structural inner Wall and maybe even 5-10 doublets for different interior
    finishes .....

    I am used to separate structure/finishes for Slabs.
    As the structural Slab usually spreads over large or all parts of the building,
    while the Floor finish packages may vary between each room.
    And this works well for Slabs in most BIM CADs as Slabs usually do not have
    that many openings or rarely inserted Elements like Windows.
    (Which usually can only auto-cut a single Solid)

    As far as I got it Typed Plans are basically great as they seem to allow to create
    nearly any kind of model generated appearance in a Viewport.
    It is just very hard and abstract for a mere Mac user like me to set one up.
  • 1. Yes I agree, but this invites the possibility of mistakes, and BIM is supposed to be about eliminating mistakes...
    I did try this approach about a year ago with a custom window component that could cut through multiple solids but nearly killed my not-so-weak computer. Those components were nearly impossible to use on a bigger building. And there was an issue with 2d constraints not working in V23, and I never received any news if that was resolved.
    3. I am playing with this Typed Planes in trial v24 but it doesn't seem to be working, it would seem logical how is intended but the results are not logical... Maybe there is a bug...
  • jolly247 said:

    3. I am playing with this Typed Planes in trial v24 but it doesn't seem to be working, it would seem logical how is intended but the results are not logical... Maybe there is a bug...

    I am not able to confirm a bug.
    The bug here sits between keyboard and screen ....
    There are Bricscad videos about Typed Plans.
    For now I just play with the ones delivered by Bricscad.
    jolly247 said:

    custom window component that could cut through multiple solids but nearly killed my not-so-weak computer. Those components were nearly impossible to use on a bigger building.

    I am aware of that option (in Bricscad only so far ?) and have a smaller project.
    Hard to find. AFAIR I did a small test and got it finally working.
    But I did not convert that project to that structure vs finishes approach so far.
    Good to know that is (yet ?) not such a reliable option.
  • I was able to confirm bug, or maybe I am doing something wrong, but same file in v23 works reasonably OK... the issue is hatch override on ply does not work in V24 in V23 it does.