OPTIMIZE (Meshes ?)

OPTIMIZE is one of the greatest CAD features ever.

Unfortunately it does not work for Meshes.

Where especially Meshes may usually have the most need for
accuracy optimization of all 3D Elements.


  • You are right, OPTIMIZE command doesn't work for Meshes. As I see, a feature request task is created for this, thank you for reporting this via support request also!
  • Yes, after posting I also made a feature request.

    I think more and more that would be a cool feature.
    There is so much stuff people are downloading from libraries
    or Revit families and pollute their CAD files with bad Meshes.

    If Optimize could make them more accurate that would help
    snapping and drawing precision.
    And if at one point AI could help intelligently reducing Polygons
    or even recreating or reengineering proper Solids from Meshes,
    that would be ultimate.

    I forgot to ask for 3D Surfaces ....
    The other main non Solid geometry coming in regularly.
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