Number of lines in sections from 3D model


The drawings I get from an architect is made up of polyface meshes. Can't change that. When I try to generate a 2D section, I get a lot of extra lines on curved surfaces. How can I get rid of them without having to edit every single object.

Also, Is there a way to assign a hatch to a surface. Say i have a grassed area, In the architect's model it's a green surface, however, in a section, I want to assign a hatch.



  • hi,
    you could use the OVERKILL command (also part of drawing health command if you want to optimize the whole drawing).
    How do you create these sections? If these are bimsections you might break the association between the section lines and the model, in this case it is not recommended.

    To apply a hatch to the section result of a surface, you need to assign a material to it that has a 'elevation hatch' (in the physical material dialog). This will generate a hatch in the section result. This is only available for bim sections
  • Hello.

    Regarding polyface meshes, there aren't many tools to work with, in Bricscad.

    Without editing the geometry, a custom visual style could be used, to hide the edges.
    In this case, only the outline of the polyface mesh will be drawn.

    With visual styles, there is also a setting for the crease angle, that will smooth some edges making them invisible.
    However, this setting is useful only if the faces of the mesh are not planar.

    Also, the approach above is useful only if the 2D views are created with usual layout viewports.
    In this case, the custom visual style can be assigned to the viewport, to hide the edges.

    If the 2D views are generated from BIM sections, the approach above is not useful.
    In this case, the 2D geometry will be created including those edges.

    With BIM sections, something you could try in the drawing with sections, would be to edit the blocks generated in model space and put the edges on their own layer.
    Then, you could assign custom color and line type to that layer, to be displayed differently from other entities.
    The drawback is that when the section is updated, the edges will be redrawn on their original layer, so moving edges to another layer should only be performed in the end.