Why is worlddraw in BsysCvDbPoint so slow?

You’ll have to forgive me, I know absolutely nothing about BricsCAD Civil, so there’s probably a good reason.
I imported a PENZD file, and zooming turns to molasses.

When I explode a BsysCvDbPoint, I get a MTEXT and a 2d polyline with 32 vertices. I’m curious as to why this primitive isn’t just a circle?

I assume the slowness is from some dictionary read on draw, because if I explode to primitives is awesome fast
Could this be better?


  • I see, there’s a style, not all are circles
  • Terry Dotson
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    Its_Alive said:

    I imported a PENZD file, and zooming turns to molasses.

    Most Civil/Survey users would not attempt to create CogoPoints of this type of file with 13,000 records. In this case there is no description and the point numbers are sequential. So Civil Users would go straight to a surface from this large collection of points, never plotting them all, even as (lighter) DbPoints.

    In BricsCAD you would use the TIN command, choose [I]mport from file. In this case a new PENZD format would need to be created. In the columns editor create 5 columns and don't worry about the contents at first, then designate SKIP for the first and last column, designate ENZ in the middle three.

  • Thanks for the info!
    I was just a bit shocked, I thought something was wrong. There’s probably a lot of heavy lifting going on behind the scenes.