MText numbered lists and indents

I'm trying to work with numbered lists in Mtext, it's pretty standard in construction drawings for notes to be nested with indented sub levels of bullet points/numbering.
Generally we have always used numbers at top level, then lowercase letters, then lowercase roman numerals.

I'm really struggling to input the most basic bulleted list with any kind of consistency.
The indents keep defaulting to be not against the left side so there is a gap.
The numbering levels will not switch between number and letters and only seem to add a full stop and sub number ie "2.1."
To save my sanity I have accepted the numbering system will not work, but when I go from a nested level back to top level the indents reset to their arbitrary "default", and and subsequent sub levels of numbering introduce a second full stop ie "3..1.".

I feel like there must be a place where the defaults for these behaviours can be amended but I haven't found any documentation on this.

I've tried using an external editor (wordpad) but there seems to be no obvious way to import the formatted text back into the Mtext box and it just returns the basic text with no formatting.

I'll be grateful for any solutions, pointers, tips, or advice on how to work with bullet/numbered/indented lists in Mtext, preferably with a less cluttered numbering system than increasing the length of identifier at each level, and the ability to set custom indents that don't keep changing.


    edited March 20
    What happens if you use Word, we made Notes etc with numbers per paragraph, deleting a paragraph it would auto renumber. I am not sure if it works may depend on version. It work in Acad.