assign polyline elevations to gis feature

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I need help with assgining polylines elevations to gis feature of that polylines.

the condtions are as follows:
1. the polylines are already part of a gis layer (in the sample file named "gis1").
2. the gis layer has a table feature called "Elevation", data type "Real".
3. the contours are all polylines with elevations.

I wrote a lisp that get all those contour lines elevation in a varaible with ssget - see attached lisp.

now I need help with assigning those values to the gis feature and I don't know how - see needed resault in 1.png screenshot:




  • This is a get need a put maybe odname GIS ?

    (setq dia (ade_odgetfield ent odname "Diameter" 0))
  • aridzv
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    I asked bricscad support about this issue and they said that:
    "...Regarding Bricscad, the GIS feature are still in the initial phase and there is no GIS lisp API available.
    As the GIS features develop, most likely a lisp API will be added.
    Moreover, (setpropertyvalue) doesn't work in this case, probably because of the reasons mentioned above..."

    so we have to wait... (The ade_ functions are can't be used of course)

    the suuport team did helped me with a way to add elevation data to the .shp file attribute table in QGIS after importing it to QGIS, which was really simple and very helpful.

    so this is where we stand at this issue for now...