BOM - tables is it possible to edit the property of object from the BOM manager?

Hi! I wanted to ask if it is possible to edit the property of an object via BOM manager panel.
I could edit the field and then it turns blue and italic style (font style). Two flooring positions are modified that way in the above screenshot.
I cannot find the option to send the change to the component itself (I could update a BOM table with a modified value but I cannot send the new value to the component). I am operating on attributes of block definitions.


  • Hello.

    The BOM table can't be used to edit attributes' values.
    It can only display existing values.

    The cells highlighted in italic blue have been overriden.
    The cells can be edited (overriden) by double-clicking inside them or by right-clicking and choosing Override value.

    To restore the original value - the one held by the attribute, right-click on the BOM cell and choose Restore value.

    If yo need a means to edit multiple block attributes in a single place, a solution might a third-party plugin, like the one linked below.

    They have versions for Autocad and Bricscad and a trial valid for 15 days.

    Alternatively, if you are used to work with lisp, you could use the approach from Lee Mac.
  • Very helpful info, thanks a lot.
    Mac Lee is king.

    It is also possible to: select via the right-click context menu in BOM Manager Panel (also to select multiple rows) and then quickly edit via the properties panel. I noticed the 'select' option after posting, maybe someone else will use this.