Cloudworx not working with BricsCAD Pro - 24.2.04

Today I updated my Bricscad Pro to 24.2.04 and now my Cloudworx doesn't work at all.

Error loading "C:\Program Files\Leica Geosystems\CloudWorx for BricsCAD\V24\CloudWorx.arx": .

DemandLoad failed due to dependencies problems!
Application : CloudWorx

I have contacted Leica HDS support also but that plugin hasn't been updated, only Bricscad.


  • what version are you upgrading from?
  • 24.2.03 I believe. So not jumping a version, I was already on v24. I've got Leica support baffled, they are updating their BricsCAD to 24.02.04 to see if it breaks theirs too. We reinstalled Cloudworx and now nothing of it shows in BricsCAD at all, no menus, no ribbon and no CUI for it despite showing as installed.
    My money is on BricsCAD update has broken Cloudworx.
  • Confirmed, the latest version of BricsCAD v24 breaks the current version of Cloudworx. Leica have tested and as soon as you go to version 24.2.04 it totally breaks Cloudworx, you will not be able to use it. this has been escalated but being as both companies are Hexagon, hopefully the Bricsys team will read this too.