Need to access sheet set data via lisp


Does anyone know how to access sheet set data using lisp either via fields, or using vlax ?

I tried the help solution:

but the last line kept throwing an error.

My goal is to store an address of a spreadsheet in the sheetset. The spreadsheet will be the revision table. The drawings are used for different projects, so the revision table must be pointed to by the sheet set and not by the drawing.


  • Hello.

    You could use the examples in the documentation as a start point.

    However, managing sheet sets with lisp could be quite complex, so, some experimentation and practice could be needed.

  • Well I've figured out a bit more. On the bottom line of the above image, you have to replace "dstfile" with the name path and name of the dst file you want to load. Most often you could use (getvar "SSFOUND") which is the path and name of the current sheet set that your drawing is using.

  • Ok. I'm getting through it slowly.

    I have to use " (setq smdb (vlax-invoke-method ssmgr 'FindOpenDatabase (getvar "SSFOUND" )) "

    I had to use this because in my case the database was already open.

    Then I have to write " (setq sheetset (vlax-invoke-method smdb 'GetSheetSet)) "

    Then if I want to access custom properties I have to write " (setq custProps (vlax-invoke-method sheetset "GetCustomPropertyBag")) "

    This is all very well but how do I actually access the custom values in the sheet set manager ???