Mechanical Workspace has wrong ribbon

This is for Bricscad V24 Mechanical. When clicking on the mechanical workspace it shows the civil ribbon not mechanical. All other workspaces show the correct ribbon. Anyone know how to fix this?


  • Workspaces are saved to your root cui menu. Resetting this to defaults should also reset your workspaces.

    You can reset the base BricsCAD menu to defaults using the CUSTOMIZE (CUI) command. To do this, run CUSTOMIZE, then:

    1. Pick the Manage your customizations… button.
    2. Pick the Revert to defaults button.
    3. Then pick the OK button on each dialogue to commit .

    Following this you may need to re-start BricsCAD to reload any custom menus.

  • Thanks Jason, reverted to defaults but it's still doing it. If I start from scratch with mechanical it has the correct ribbon but if I start out with 2D drafting and try to change to mechanical the civil ribbon shows up.

    This is discouraging, we're halfway thru V24 life cycle and I can't rely on it because of issues like this. Back to V23 for now till support folks get this ironed out.

  • Hello.

    The issue can't be reproduced from scratch.

    Something to try could be to delete the Support folder from:


    Then, restart Bricscad.

    This will copy the original Support file, the one from Program Files.

    However, before deleting the Support folder, make sure you save any customizations you may have.
    Altenatively, you could first copy the Support folder in a safe place, and then delete it from the location mentioned above (C:\Users …).

    Also, you could save your user profile and restore it after the procedure.

  • Virgil, tried that but to no avail. However when I change the workspace from drafting to mechanical it instead changes to the "complete" workspace. All else I can think of is a complete "barebones" reinstall, no using saved profiles. Before I do that will wait for a response from support.

  • Just got in touch with support and they said this is a known issue and will have a fix soon. This issue only occurs with the mechanical workspace is what they told me.