TIN surface from Point Cloud via Cloudworx

Hi All,

I am about to upgrade from Pro to BIM to start taking our surveys to that arena, however I am looking for advice on how best to model the exterior ground around a given building.

The best way I can see is to isolate that area and create TIN surfaces, however I can't see if it's possible to window points of a cloud brought in via Cloudworx and convert them to a surface. I don't really want to use the native Point Cloud import as CW is far better for serious and regular use. However i was hopeful BC would recognise the nodes being used to display the PC in CW.


  • Hello.

    You could import the point cloud natively in Bricscad only to create a TIN surface from it.
    Then remove (detach) the point cloud file and keep using Cloudworx for point cloud related tasks.

    Alternatively, you could use some Cloudworx related functions to create the geometry needed for the TIN surface, like 3D points or 3D faces.