Recurring problems publishing PDFs from sheetsets

We regularly have projects where there are, say, a total of 15 sheets (layouts), spread across 3 or 4 drawings (which themselves call numerous xrefs…). We use sheetsets to manage that, it makes us able to print or publish (to PDF) the whole set in two clicks. However, in both V23 and V24, the process is often painful, because publishing the whole set at once fails. We can sometimes do it without a problem once, or twice, but more often, it fails : only 3, or 6, or whatever, sheets are published to PDF. And, randomly, some of these can be zero-octet files. Problem arises on both PC and Mac. Filing a bug ticket is hard, because I can't reproduce the problem reliably. Does anyone witnessed the same problem ?


  • Hello.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the issue using some simple drawings created from scratch.

    I used 20 simple drawings and referenced them in other 4 drawings, each with 4 layouts.

    The sheetset publishing worked fine with either with multi-page (16 pages) PDF or with separate (16 files) PDFs.

    Maybe, someone else has more information about the specific conditions needed to reproduce the reported behavior.

  • Here's an e-transmit'ed archive of a set of drawings with which the problem occurs.

  • Fa3len - I downloaded your files and ran a sheet set which did not give me any errors, and has a total of 15 sheets. The drawings plotted look very screwed up, but I didn't go into each file to see what was making them not right.

  • It's very nice of both of you to spend time to help me, but I know that the problem isn't reproducible at will, that's why I was, in fact, only asking if someone already witnessed a similar problem.

    About the "screwed up" drawings, it's perfectly normal. I can't transmit them in "normal" state, for professional secrecy. They are "scrambled" by a LISP applying random move, rotate and scale commands to each object, and replacing text and attributes with gribberish. Nothing is exploded, the drawing's database is essentially unchanged.