Best way to Import Models from Photogrammetry Apps like Meshroom or Colmap

I would like to import Models (ideally as tin-surfaces) from free photogrammetry tools like Meshroom or Colmap to Bricscad.

Unfortunately, the documentation on this is very sparse. Do you guys have any experience with this? I would be grateful for any pointers on where to read, look, click…

Thank you!


  • Hello.

    The best importing way might depend on what file formats can be exported from Meshroom and Colmap.

    If they can export data structures as a point file, using a format like easting, northing, elevation - ENZ - then this point file can be imported into Bricscad by using the TIN command with the option Import from file.

    Another way would be to export a triangular mesh and import it as such in Bricscad.
    Then, this mesh should be exploded into 3D Faces.
    Finally, the faces will be used to create the tin surface - TIN > create from Faces.