Our firm recently moved from AutoCAD to BricsCAD, I noticed if I wanna edit an attribute the attipedit command isnt bound to CTRL + Double click. Is there any chance we could bound that command to these binds? Like in AutoCAD.




  • Hi Martin,

    You are right, Attipedit command is not run by CTRL + Double click in BricsCAD. We have a feature request task to add this feature, you can add value to the task creating a feature request about it.

    But we have another quick way to edit attribute value - via Rollover tips. Choose 'Value' for Attribute entity via Customize dialog: (run CUI command -> Properties tab -> Entity -> Text -> Attribute. After that, when you hover the attribute in block insert and press Ctrl to highlight it - there is an editable 'Value' field in Rollover tips.