BricsCAD BIM Invalid Index

I am trying to use the BIMSTAIR command but every time i use it, i get this error: "_bimstairInvalid index". I get the same error with the BIMQUICKDRAW command. I have tried creating a blank drawing but I still get the same error. I have used both of the commands in the past and they have worked fine. I am currently using BricsCAD version 23.2.06 I am unsure as to why this may be happening.


  • There is a known issue, when BIMQUICKDRAW is not working - if DYNDIGRIP variable has bit 1 (Resulting length) unchecked. To check if this is a cause of the problem, it's neseccary to open the SETTINGS dialog box and search for the system variable DYNDIGRIP. If "Resulting length" (option 1) is unchecked - check it in and try the commands BIMQUICKDRAW and BIMSTAIR again.
    I've seen that your support request about the issue was added to the related task. Thank you for reporting this!