Title sheet exports with DXFs.

G'day guys.

When I export a DXF from Bricscad the Title sheet exports as well.

The Title sheet is only in the Layout tabs, and the DXF is only in the Model tab.

Is there a setting I need to change to eliminate this annoyance?



The program I'm exporting to is Autodesk Camduct.

I have noticed that the last selected layout is the one that gets imported with the DXF.


  • Hello.

    There is no setting to save a drawing as dxf only with the information from model space.

    An alternative could be to delete the layout with the title block before saving as dxf.

  • It might be a silly question, but are you sure the titleblock isn't in modelspace but on a layer that is turned off or frozen? Could we see a file that exhibits this behaviour to see if we can shed any light on the issue? Out of interest what is the program that you are using to open the .dxf file, as that isn't a Bricscad import dialog?

  • Piggybacking on David's comments - the titleblock could be at Zero/Zero and very, VERY small. I've seen this happen with other CAD systems importing DWG's and would guess that's true for DXF exports/imports.

  • Brien wrote "export," but maybe he meant Wblock? That would allow him to save some or all of the geometry in modelspace to a DXF file without all the layout tabs. There'd be one, of course; a DWG or DXF file has to have at least one layout tab. But I think the geometry in paperspace isn't usually included in a Wblock operation.

  • Just checked. Nothing in the model space.

    The program I'm opening the DXFs in is CamDuct.

    I export DXFs into Camduct for processing to a Plasma cutting machine.

  • Checked but nothing shows up in the model space.

    I might pose this question to Autodesk to see if they have come across this before.

  • Usually I export as a DXF. I tried Wblock but the result is the same.

  • quote: "I tried Wblock but the result is the same."

    You must have used the "Entire drawing" option. I never noticed that before. It seems to make the Wblock command work like the SaveAs command, or like the Export command but with different options for file format. That is, it saves the entire file, including all tabs and all geometry on all tabs, even on hidden layers.

    To save only visible geometry in modelspace, use the "Entities" option. That should be the default option. You have to select the geometry you want saved. You can select all the visible geometry if you want (Ctrl-A or Select_All_), and you can pre-select it if you want.

  • I don't recall selecting 'Entire drawing' last time, but using 'Entities' this time has worked!🤔 I must have inadvertently selected the button while my brain was roaming the aether. Thanks Anthony and All others for your help. WBlock will be my go-to from now on.

  • It would have been natural to think "Entire drawing" was what you wanted, since you were exporting the file to another format, rather than Writing a BLOCK definition to disk. When I wrote my first reply, I didn't know about the "Entire drawing" option.

  • I think you're right. I probably read it that way.

    Now I know one more thing, let's see if I can remember not to forget it!😀