e57 (from fls) to HSPC

I have a problem with importing e57 files created from fls files. Why is this particular case an issue? Because all other point clouds import and convert to HSPC just fine! The e57 file from fls is usually large, over 50GB. It has been suggested to me that I might not have enough disk space for the conversion - it's necessary to have about 3 times the original file size. But I have more than 600GB of space!

I'm attaching the log from the process.

I haven't noticed any pattern, except for the file size. Once I managed to load a very small point cloud, about 4GB, which was created from fls.

What could be the cause? I recently changed my computer, and I didn't have this problem on the previous one. I checked all drivers for the graphics card and motherboard, and everything seems to be in order. I can provide hardware details.

Thank you in advance for your help!


  • OmidEkrami
    edited June 25

    Hi Michalina,

    We are aware of this issue that usually happens with big point clouds and we are planning a fix for v25.0 release.

  • Thanks!

    Is there any advice / possibility for BricsCAD 2023? Because I would like to continue using it to its full extent 😔

  • unfortunately this is a bug in v23, so there is not much you can do. If you only want to import the pointcloud for visual purposes you can turn off the HSPC mode setting, or import the pointcloud in 2 or more chunks. However both of these workarounds will limit the features that you can use.

  • Great!
    Could you give me a hint where I can disable the HSPC mode setting?

  • Run the SETTINGS command and look for "HSPC mode" checkbox.
    Keep in mind that if you disable this option you will not have the individual scans to toggle on/off in point cloud manager panel.

  • Thank you very much!
    I'm glad it works for my case! 😎