Change printer from dwg to pdf to print as pdf

I'm looking for ideas to automotically change this setting from hereditary AutoCAD DWG files the company I work for has. We are well and tryly new to BricsCAD and going to be implementing it across the company once I've iron out our inhouse bugs.

The ideal method for this, from my perspective, would be a vba or lisp that does a sheet count, changes to each sheet and sets the printer, then moves to the next sheet untill the whole drawing is updated.

This is mainly because we have some who work here who would struggle to change this setting on one sheet, let alone a file which may have 20+ sheets.


  • There is a possible workaround to print drawings which have a page setups with 'DWG to PDF.pc3' printer:

    - open plot configuration folder C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Bricsys\Bricscad\V24x64\en_US\PlotConfig\
    - make a copy of BricsCAD's 'Print as PDF.pc3'
    - rename the copy to 'DWG to PDF.pc3'.

    After that you can print such drawings without printer's change.

  • Brilliant! All these years, I never thought of doing that, and never even thought to ask.

  • Lyubov beat me to it .. I did this a few years ago.

  • Thanks for that, greatly appreciated.

  • Pity can not copy the JPG.pc3 from Acad or am I doing something wrong

  • Alan: You could use Print As PDF.

    Instead of saving the PDF file that pops up immediately, export it to an image format.

  • Anthony the comment was about using a missing PC3 file that is standard in Acad. There must be something different in the way the 2 cad programs look at PC3. Lyubov may comment.

  • This is not copying of AutoCAD's pc3 files (BricsCAD can't use them), but creation of corresponding BricsCAD's pc3 copy with AutoCAD's pc3 name. For example, for JPG output I can create a copy of "Print As JPG.pc3" in BricsCAD PlotConfig folder and rename it to "PublishToWeb JPG.pc3".

  • Thank you for answer I am using V20 and plot to jpg or png is not available, may have been added in later versions, yes about to update.

    What versions will "Print As JPG.pc3" work with ?

  • Print to BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIFF .pc3 printers were introduced with BricsCAD V24.

    I wouldn't expect these printers to be backwards compatible with earlier releases.


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