can't copy - Urgent help needed

Need your urgent help. Recently Bricscad doesn't let me copy. Each time I try copying I get this error: Failed to create a temporary file name (error 5: access is denied). How can I solve it? what went wrong?

I was looking here for solution but couldn't find any relevant reference using my error in search.

I am using Bricscad on same computer w windows 10 since 2018. Recently added a laptop with win 11 both backed up by one drive. the problems exists in both.


  • OneDrive is by default set to save space, i.e. store the files online. When syncing write access may not be possible at that time.

    I know someone who has his offline cad files directory synced with OneDrive while keeping a local copy that he edits and he continuously gets notification about removed (temporary) files because of the continuous syncing.

    If all your CAD files are online on OneDrive and edited from there this might be why you get the error.

    Does it also happen when your cad files are local on your computer and you edit them there?