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Bricsnet IntelliCAD 2000 ver. 2.2.0016 released

We are pleased to announce you today the release of new English, French and German versions of BricsnetIntelliCAD 2000Bricsnet IntelliCAD 2000 version 2.2.0016 brings our CAD platform another step closer to AutoCAD 2000, and this at a fraction of the price. Apart from new features like fly-over snapping, xref manager and complex line styles, there is an improved overall performance and stability of the software. At some points we may say, IntelliCAD 2000 is even better than AutoCAD 2000: viewports are real, freely resizable Windows, dynamic zooming and panning using a mouse/keyboard combination makes drawing navigation easier and more confortable. The new Bricsnet IntelliCAD 2000 also includes enhanced and reliable multiple Redo/Undo functionality. Bricsnet IntelliCAD 2000 enhancementsButton 'Rename' of EDITEDATA dialog renamed to 'Edit' Added a checkbox to control the displaying of the snap marker in multiple views. Added a checkbox to control the displaying of the 'aperture box' XRM replaces XREF in toolbars. Changed option 'Append to ...' for importing of toolbars and menus is checked by default now. Added export of toolbars. Inserts clipping (XCLIP command): version 1.0. Added fly-over enabling flag Fly-over snapping implementation. Added preferences for fly-over snapping Enabled shift to toggle the ortho mode in dynamics for mirror, rotate and scale commands. When you mirror an entity using Mirror command: preview the mirrored entity in dynamics. Added Upload to ProjectCenter in File menu. This calls the ProjectCenterUpload.exe. TTF text is made more smooth. Added support of complex linetypes with shapes. Included Xref Manager in IntelliCAD. Added new user path 'Blocks'. Added support of complex linetypes with text. Changes to allow displaying of TrueType bold and italic text. Fixed creation of blocks with lwpolylines. Removed ANGDIR and ANGBASE influence on dimension text generation. (as in ACAD2000) Fixed: You cannot choose 'Add...' & 'Subtract...' items in the SELECT command context menu. Freehand Sketch with LWPOLYLINE (SKPOLY = On). Changed default experience level to Advanced. Fixed: Snapping to a self-intersection of a lw-polyline is impossible


  • Can you give us a direct link to this?I keep getting the Architecurals download each time I enter my ID and Password in.I do get some errors regarding running scripts on that page first though. It asks if I want to continue running scripts on that page and I answer YES.Also is it a 35MB file or is it just a small file?

  • Can the upgrade be downloaded somewhere. If so, how big is the file?

  • I also would like to know how to download the 220016 upgrade... I only get the architecturals downloadThanks

  • What about zooming & panning w/ a wheel mouse. Alost everyone uses wheel mice. Can I zoom-in with the wheel where ever the crosshairs are on the screen like in AutoCad? That is the only thing holding my company from getting your product. Because using both hands just to navigate on the screen is not efficient at all.

  • OK I worked it out for myself. It looks like they haveadded a link to 2.2.0016c as well as the architecturals now.It lookes like it is the whole package so probably 35Mb. I am downloading as we speak.I went as normal thru Solutions > Software Downloads > Bricsnet IntelliCAD 2000 Downloads > Download Latest Version > Customer ID and Password and you are there!!! Easy hey? :-)

  • I downloaded the new versions of Intellicad and Architecturals.Although this was announced as 2.2.0016 and 2.1.0011c, the version product is 2.2.0014 and 2.1.0010 respectively.By the way, where can I find the german version?

  • I can zoom and pan with the wheelmouse: I'm using a logitech M-S48 with the latest driver from their website. If you scroll the wheel, it will zoom in or out (depending on which way you turn the wheel), but not exactly where the crosshair is, it zooms from the center of the screen area. If you hold the wheel button down, you can then pan around just like the regular pan command. I have noticed that the scrollbars must be off for this to work; if they're on, scrolling the wheel will simply scroll up and down the drawing. Panning with the middle (wheel) button seems to work with scroll bars on or off. Someone else out there may know of a specific setting that is needed for this to work, but mine has at least for the past few releases.

  • We have 5 copies of ICAD 2K from BricsNet. Can one download work for all copies or does each person have to go into the web site with their ID to get a new version downloaded?

  • You have to download it only once.

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