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Calling all geographic data users

Hello,This is in continuation of my post "GeoTools for BricsCAD".While GeoTools has plenty of general-pupose tools that any CAD user needs, there is a whole lot of specific tools in GeoTools for the geographic data users. And by that I mean BricsCAD users in the mapping, survey, infrastructure, utilities, facilities management, GIS base-map creating companies etc. I am sure this is going to be exciting for users in this space.I would like to sound all users of BricsCAD who are in this industry segment and would like to hear from them about their requirements, wish-lists and discuss how we can offer great-value, low-cost utilities.Please respond here or email me at ""For those of you who would like to meet me in person, I will be in Ghent from Sep 16-22.- Regards- Rakesh rao- Four Dimension Technologies- Bangalore, India- []


  • we noticed you have two customers in malaysia who are also our customers that have purchased bricscad. these two customers are in the surveyor industry and we have a long list of such customers. let us know how we can work with you to promote your solutions to enhance and increase the visibility of bricscad and your geotools software for the market here.

  • Hi Arthur,My colleague, Kirana has already replied to your direct email as well. Our BricsCAD-GeoTools product is not ready yet. It is expected to be released in a month or two. As for reseller arrangements go, please provide your company protfolio, details etc to Kirana so that we can make a decision.regardsRakesh

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