Two Bricscad VBA Problems

1) Referencing other DVB files.If you create two DVB projects, saved in a specific folder, we will call them Shared.dvb and Module.dvb. From Module.dvb you may want to access functions in Shared.dvb so you use VBAIDE > Tools > References and select Shared.dvb on the list. The PROBLEM is that even though the DVB is saved in a folder like C:\Projects, the location of the DVB shown is a temporary path and filename. If you do complete the reference it won't be found later.2) Lack of DVB compacting.In another well known application, you can use the VBAMAN command, choose [Save As] and give it a new file, it will proceed to remove the bloat that occurs within VBA projects. That does not work in Bricscad and the DVB continues to swell with each edit.Thank you for looking into these and please consider a .NET interface!

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