New "FROM' entity snap not working

The new "FROM" entity snap does not allow the user to select an entity snap (endpoint, midpoint, node, etc.) when it asks to select the basepoint for the "from" command.  The attached lisp routine is a workaround.  Make sure this is loaded (put it in your onstart.lsp file) and, using the customize-toolbars feature, chnge the command for the FROM button to "(frm)" instead of "_from".  I always used this in earlier versions of BricsCad, and it works well in version 10, too.

(defun frm ( )
 (setvar "LASTPOINT" (getpoint "\nBase point: "))
 ;enter an offset point with @ or using distance in direction of cursor
 (getpoint "\nto point: "(getvar "LASTPOINT"))


  • I use much the same.

    Do you load it at sartup and call it during commands as in !(frm) ?

  • I load it at startup and assign it to a toolbar button - similar to what is done in version 10 right now.  If I want to use it on the fly, I can type it in on the keyboard: (frm).

  • Ah, mine runs transparently without the ! too. It used to be normal at least in ACAD, that it was needed to run a lisp transparently. So I still include it, don't need to now apparently.

  • Hi all!
    I am  using BC 11.2.12  but, about the snap FROM I glad less, so I tried to load the lisp below signed but the answer of the program is after a comand to do a line:

    : l
    ENTER to use last point/Follow/<Start of line>:
    Angle/Length/Undo/<End point>: !frm
    #<<FUNCTION> #x33 @69a90bf6&gt;
    Angle/Length/Undo/<End point>: _endpoint
    Snap to _endpoint of:
    Angle/Length/Follow/Undo/<End point>: 

    instead of  keep the initial point and get a measure FROM (!frm) to reach the second point it draw the point select as FROM at snap point just as the proper second point.

    Wy this procedure was so easy in autocad200lt but not in BC?

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