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3dconvert stopped working on latest versions!

Hi guys!

For those who use the 3dconvert command it is important to notice a bug on this versions:

The 3dconvert command converts 3d solids into meshes. I will stick into the 9.2.11 version since this command still works.

I have reported it a few minutes ago.
I know bricsys team will solve this quickly! Like always did !
In the meantime, I will rock with my old 9.2.11.




  • I regret to say that Bicsys havent solved this question yet!

    This is a real bad publicity to a program I thought it was an alternative.

    Unfortunatly, they publish new versions with new problems and expect us to buy new licenses?

    They say V10 solved this issue!

    I dont think this is a good behaviour.


  • 3dconvert seems to work ok on the latest release V10.2.3. What version are you using?

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