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[10.6.5] command line issue with not the last command

Very annoying bug

after some time working in bricscad (time may be different, 15 min or more). By pressing the space bar at the command line issue is not the last command, but what is abstract (can be differenet).

For example:

I'm press "o" for offset.

End this command

Now I'm press "space bar" or "Enter" I expect that I should have ofset command again, but I have for example delete(can be different) command.

then I'm pres "L" for line


press "space" and have again "delete" (this command always the same as in first time when bug occures)

To stop I should exit bricscad and run it again, so it work some time normally, but than all starts again.

Allways reproducible(but time of reproduce can be different).

Already submitted support request.

Somebody confirm this


  • I confirm this.

  • In addition the command line does not have the focus.

  • I was notified that I should change QAFlags var to 256

    I was change it, but yestarday I have this problem. No logs og bug reports :(


  • Sounds very familiar. The cursor does not default back to the command line, and when it does it can be hard to repeat a command.

  • I already reported the lost focus of the command line and it seems the developers are aware of this issue. We should see it fixed in the future, and this could also correct the other bug mentioned here.

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