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[10.6.6]Another focus problem

Open new file

draw line

copy this line (Ctrl+C)

change layout

paste with (Ctrl+V)

Does not work

(It start work when you point cursor some where in layout, space or command bar)


Send support request


  • please somebody confirm this issue, if you have.


  • It works in my Bricscad.

  • I also have no problems. Are you sure this is a bug? When you use Ctrl+v to paste, the program is waiting for you to define the insertion point. If you want to paste straight away without defining the insertion point you have to use the "Paste to original coordinates" option in the Edit menu.

  • maybe I am does not explain well

    copy any object, switch to another layout (for example from "model" tab to "Layout1" )

    actually you can move mouse or press midle mouse button for pan or change zoom, but did not press "left mouse button" any where

    just press ctrl+v

    here you are


  • I am little bit confused, because it working now.

  • I have a focus problem too. If I change between applications, when I return to Bricscad to continue working on, I need to click with left mouse button in the viewport to be able to type any command.

  • I did forget to say it's 10.6.7 build 19855.

  • @juan palacio azorin These focus problems are known to the developers, but you can always file a support request. Maybe they will fix it faster if more users report this. It is one of the most annoying bugs of Bricscad.

  • The focus problems are on the top of our list.  In fact, I am working on them this very moment.


    >It is one of the most annoying bugs of Bricscad.


    Your complaints were not ignored.  It's just that trying to fix the focus bugs has been most annoying also.

    But I am finally making progress.  I had to study wxgtk/gtk initialisation and focus handling first.

  • Ok, I hope will be solved soon.

    This and other issues are stopping me to leave Autocad (and the use of Windows through VirtualBox)for the moment.


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