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Bricscad (Linux) 11.1.13 BETA

Hello All,

Bricscad (Linux) 11.1.13 BETA is now available.


            <li>PDF EXPORT: Added PDF export on Linux.</li>
            <li>FOCUS: When Bricscad (Linux) has no focus, set the focus on the commandline.  Before this fix, in many situations Bricscad (Linux) had no focus.  The Bricscad source code assumes a focus will always be set automatically, but apparently this is not true on gtk.</li>
            <li>AUTOSAVE: Autosave, Save on crash and Save all now work as expected.</li>



Kind Regards

Tijs Vermeulen


  • Wow, PDF export sounds awesome, as well as all-in-one focus fix.

  • PDF export works!  Thanks so much!!!

    That said, I make 2 observations:

    1.   Embedded TTF doesn't appear to work.  My true-type fonts didn't display in the PDF output unless I set to explode them.

    2.  Exploding TTF data makes file pretty big - roughly 3x the size of the file I generated with PDF Creator from BricsCAD 11 Classic for Windows.

    But again, many many thanks for getting this capability working.  I may soon be able to cut loose my last moorings to Windows.

  • Nov  6 11:20:43 saint-K70ID kernel: [33110.248161] bricscad[22333]: segfault at 0 ip 048822c4 sp bf8bdd60 error 4 in[462e000+950000]

  • Glad to see the new Beta has PDF export. Lack of this feature and printing and export problems have been keeping us from using Bricscad for Linux V-10 in production. And we bought 5 copies.


    I have tried the export to PDF, and while it seems to work, it seems to only export to an A4 portrait sheet. The print setup seems to have no effect. How does one go about controlling the papersize, scale orientation of the PDF export? Am I missing something obvious?




    Kurt Eichenberger/architect AIA

  • I've tried it today and it works fine.

    To change paper size select overide page size (or something like that) in settings and enter the size you want.

    The option to print to extents would print an additional margin I didn't want. Turning it off printed the exact limits.

    I also had to set change shx to line entities to avoid wrong tracing of accented letters.

    After that it printed perfectly to pdf, honoring the plot style of thickness by color.

  • We got the focus, but still has some problems, but we lost the appeal last command by right clicking.

  • Just a short feedback on mouse button customization (see also the topic in the windows section):

    Customizing the middle mouse button works as in windows, customizing the right mouse button seems to be impossible right now.

  • when you set the correct indicator for mouse (standard cursor without the mouse arrow)?

  • When Print Preview, the Print Window is very small, I have to resize each time and increase the zoom to 100% at least.

  • When print and select  Window from the Plot Area, the entities that are outside the plot area are print and shouldn't been print.

  • when entering dimensions from the fill in boxes e.g. when drawing a line; the application crashes  (simply disappears) when you press the ENTER key after changing a dimension in the little box.

    Running UBUNTU 10.10




    Danny Raymond

  • This thread should be updated. The download link points to version 11.1.18-1. I do not know if this is a beta version.

    I would appreciate more information.


  • have a look at the changelog:

    Version 11.1.18 BETAJan 4, 2011



    • SR26424, SR26764 - The main menu was not displayed on startup. The wxGtk menu initialization was not finished by the time the contents of the menu were provided. Fixed by waiting for all pending wxWidgets operations to finish before providing the menu contents.
    • DCL:
      • SR27237: In a dcl list_box on linux, the text height was a lot smaller than the row height. The height of text was set in a windows-specific way. Fixed.
      • In a dcl list_box with the attribute fixed_width_font, the used font on linux was not a fixed width font. The system was searched for an ANSI font that exists on windows only. On not finding the font, a variable width font was selected by wxGtk instead. Fixed by querying the system for another fixed-width font if the first selected font is variable width.
  • The Bricscad (Linux) BETA download link always lists the latest available beta version.  Likewise, the Bricscad (Linux) RELEASE download link lists the latest available release version.  Granted, the url titles with fixed version number in my former posts are confusing.

    We also have an RSS feed to inform about new versions.  As a reminder, I quote myself from former posts:

    To receive notification for subsequent versions, you can subscribe to the Bricscad for Linux RSS feed.
    It is also possible to access the Bricscad for Linux RSS feed as html page.

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