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Now it seems everything is ok!But, How  can I set it to save in pdf format?Tried it on printer settings but didnt work!Would someone help me, please?






  • Use cups to print or export to PDF and select PDF as output format.

  • You need to use the export function (File -> Export) and then select the pdf file type on the drop-down list. You can use this feature if you don't want to setup a CUPS-PDF virtual printer. 

  • In my linux-box export to pdf is simply comic. Printing via cups is just perfect. Perhaps for users who purchase the pro version of Bricscad this solution will work. We hope to also work on the Classic.

  • Correct me. The export directly to PDF works fine on a file that has just the model. Becomes incomprehensible if you use multiple layouts.

  • I'll have to test it better then. Last time I checked it worked fine, but I had to configure the paper size correctly, since the export to pdf function doesn't use the layout paper size unfortunately.

  • Hello, for me (bricscad v10), the function export in pdf does'nt work ??? I tried with an dwg file.....

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