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Bicscad 11.3.3 slower that 11.1.19?

I try Bricscad 11.3.3, but for me was slower that 11.1.19.

This month I have problems with my graphics card (nvidia) and now I'm using the motherboard's video card (on board). Bricscad 11.1.19 works fine without nvidia, but after upgrade to 11.3.3 the performance get down. Have to downgrade to 11.1.19.



  • On my Linux box (which is equipped with an NVIDIA) the new version of BricsCad runswell and he can finally handle files with images. Now you can also take a step forward in the customization of the plotters, but still lacks a way to avoid running out of memorywhen printing using the PC's memory. So you can not print files that contain images with a plotter with 64 MB of RAM. In we select is still difficult to calibrate the print area. I lookforward to the next release, hoping that will solve these problems so we will have a PCwith software for drawing valid for the average user.


    Cielito Lindo said:

    "with an NVIDIA) the new version of BricsCad runswell and he can finally handle files with images."


    Bricscad beta 11.3.3-1 can work with images... but works very bad when we need to work with 4 or 5 pictures a bit larger. In this case doesn't work at all.

    To finish the drawings panels for a contest, we had to use the Windows version of Bricscad... :(. Printing is another milestone to conquer.

    We are on the right track, but still long way to go.

  • Yes, with many images he is definitely very slow, but at least it stops as it did before.These small steps forward are positive on the one hand, but at the same time worries me. What will happen when we get the professional version, or version 12 of BricscadClassic? The development of 11 end? And if not yet complete view of the slow pace ofimprovement? We would have to buy a new version? I really hope that Bricsys removeall doubt.

  • does not see any degradation... did not check for images

    still has annoyng bug with focus (mtext)

     found one more bug which crashes the program(does not post in bugzilla)

    how to reproduce

    1.start new drawing.

    2.draw any element (text, mtext, pline, line etc)

    3. select that element properties bar

    5.delete some property in propeties bar (it should be some digit)

    for example if you draw the line you can delete the property "linetype scale"  default 1 

    6.type some different value

    7. press shift+arrow(normally I press right button)

    8. I always had a crash after that



  • Andrey, I can't reproduce this bug, what is your OS?

  • @Daniel Dapena

    pls look at video to understand what I mean

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